Newsletter for July 2017


Welcome, my friends.

This is the first of a series of monthly newsletters from me presenting information I hope will be valuable to you for your mental and physical health.  You can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time simply by sending me an email at  Comments and questions are also appreciated.


BodyTrust workshops

I'm happy to announce that monthly weight management workshops led by me will be held in various locations in the Los Angeles area.  The next one will take place on July 9 at Eagle Rock Community Acupuncture Clinic.  For more information and the full workshop agenda, go to my Workshops page in the navagation pane above.


Book review: "FEAR OF FOOD"

A History of Why We Worry About What We Eat by Harvey Levinstein.  This was a fascinating read and highly recommended for anyone caught up in the American "food crazies."  The problem goes back more than a century and is deeply ingrained in the American psyche.  Always it seems that the hypes are promoted - or denounced - by whatever moneyed intetersts stand to benefit.

1895: Germophobia: bacteria & dirt carried to food by flies cause all health problems.

1900: The milk scare - cow's milk first became the "perfect" food and then it became the most "dangerous" food.

The yogurt craze: 1905:  "Autointoxication": yogurt enemas & colostomies popular. 

1905, All beef is "full of deadly bacteria": 

1906: Presevatives in beef ("embalmed beef") "kill thousands."

1915 Viamania - vitamins discovered: The first vitamin craze.

1920s: Dieting becomes popular; "Eat the right foods to lose weight."

1920s: The acidosis scare; drink acidic fruit juices to "cause an alkaline reaction."

1933 Additives, preservatives, benzoic acid all "deadly."

1938: Everyone must take extra thiamine to keep up morale for the coming war.

1940s: Everyone should take vitamins for  more "pep."

1940s: The "natural foods" craze begins, based on the Hunza people and the movie  "Shangri-la."

1940s: Lipophobia - fear of dietary fat, which some say "causes heart disease.”

1950 - 1990s: The Cholesterol Wars- “good” vs “bad” cholesterol; dietary vs. serum cholesterol.

21st century: Sucraphobia – fear of sugar; Carbophobia - fear of "carbohydrates" - Glutenophobia - fear of wheat gluten; Veganism - fear of animal-based foods.

At BodyTrust, we reject all of the above.  We rely exclusively on the natural wisdom from the one true nutritional expert – your own body.