BodyTrust Workshops


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Sunday July 9, 10am to 4pm

Eagle Rock Community Acupuncture

2042 Colorado Bl., L.A., CA 90041

$100 pre-paid; $120 at the door

The BodyTrust workshop

$100 - Click on

Cost includes the booklet "BodyTrust: Manage Your Weight - Naturally" plus discounts on private sessions.

The BodyTrust workshop agenda


What motivates you to lose weight?

The social stigma attached to overweight/obesity

A century of food scares & food fads

The origin & international extent of the problem

Why diets, exercises, drugs, supplements, & surgery have failed

Yin & yang basics

The biological advantages & disadvantages of excess yin/obesity

The five basic reasons for eating

Hunger described and defined

Hunger vs. appetite


One-hour lunch/coffee break.


The three eating instincts

The role of self-trust

Hunger Awareness Training

Eating without distractions

The three unhealthy reasons for eating

The Optimal Lean Zone

What if you're never hungry?

The futility of cleansing fasts

Lean, clean, & serene - What does it mean?

Reasons people succeed or fail