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No more dieting. . .

No more "right" foods, "wrong" foods, or nutritional "knowledge."

No calorie-burning exercises either. . .

Don't waste time on a treadmill.

No cleansing fasts. . .

Be clean every day instead of once or twice a year.

No drugs, supplements, or surgery. . .

Save your money.

No more discipline, deprivation, or guilt. . .

Save your sanity.

Simply trust your own expert - your body.

About BodyTrust

Experience counts

For more than two decades, E Douglas Kihn, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, has helped thousands of people get lean, clean, serene, and seen, by teaching them to trust their one true weight-management expert - 

their own bodies.

BodyTrust sessions

are the best way to lose weight.  In one-on-one hour-long meetings with Dr. Kihn, you will learn a whole new way of relating to food and to your own self.  This experience will stay with you

 for a lifetime.

Yin and yang

For ease of comprehension, the language and theory of Chinese medicine, the lingua franca of general health care, will be combined with Western medical theory

 in your BodyTrust sessions


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