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BodyTrust sessions

Dr. Kihn will meet with you via Skype or Face Book videophone - or in person, usually on a weekly basis, until you are ready to continue on your own.

Most sessions untilize Hunger Awareness Training, a form of cognitive behavioral therapy devised by Dr. Kihn to get you in touch with your true eating expert - your own body.

Most clients require four to eight sessions to get started on the path to LEAN, CLEAN, SERENE, & SEEN.

You will receive the booklet "BodyTrust - Manage Your Weight Naturally" which you can study at home.

Individual session: $60

Packet of four sessions:  $200

Se habla espanol.

BodyTrust discussion topics

What motivates you to lose weight?

The social stigma attached to overweight/obesity

A century of food scares & food fads

The origin & international extent of the problem

Why diets, exercises, drugs, supplements, & surgery have failed

Yin & yang basics

The biological advantages & disadvantages of excess yin/obesity

The five basic reasons for eating

Hunger described and defined

Hunger vs. appetite

The three eating instincts  

The role of self-trust  

Hunger Awareness Training  

Eating without distractions  

The three unhealthy reasons for eating  

The Optimal Lean Zone  

What if you're never hungry?  

The futility of cleansing fasts  

Lean, clean, & serene - What does it mean?  

Reasons people succeed or fail

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Dr. E Douglas Kihn