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Weight misperception common

Research warns that the normalization of 'plus-size' body shapes contributes to an increasing number of people underestimating their weight. Obesity is not acceptable as any standard. It i a direct cause of disease. Fortunately there is a cure - BodyTrust.

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Cellular recycling and longevity

 Building on two decades of research, investigators have determined that cellular housekeeping can extend the lifespan and healthspan of mammals.

They found that mice with persistently increased levels of autophagy -- the process a cell uses to dispose of unwanted or toxic substances that can harm cellular health -- live longer and are healthier. Specifically, they have about a 10 percent extension in lifespan and are less likely to develop age-related spontaneous cancers and age-related pathological changes in the heart and the kidney.

What the study didn't say is that this housecleaning can only take place when the cells don't have to deal with fresh nutrients, i.e. food.

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Loneliness kills

Loneliness is bad for the heart and a strong predictor of premature death, according to a new study, which found that feeling lonely was a stronger predictor of poor outcomes than living alone, in both men and women. 

Chronic unhappiness stagnates the body's qi. When heart qi stagnates, the heart can simply stop.

We cannot live and thrive without love.

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Low-cost plastic bio-sensors

The new bio-sensor can measure the amount of critical metabolites, such as lactate or glucose, that are present in sweat, tears, saliva or blood, and, when incorporated into a diagnostic device, will allow health conditions to be monitored quickly, cheaply and accurately. The new device has a far simpler design than existing sensors, and opens up a wide range of new possibilities for health monitoring down to the cellular level.

One day, all medical conditions will be monitored with pinpoint accuracy.

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Alcohol: Healthy or unhealthy?

The question is actually misleading.

An investigation at the National Institutes of Health concluded that the $100 million study that found daily alcohol intake to be "healthy" had been tainted by funding from the alcohol industry. This is not unusual. Doctors and researchers in the 1930s were paid by Big Tobacco to tout the health benefits of smoking cigarettes.

When I sip vodka or wine, my body tells me right away that alcohol is a poison, not a food. Alcohol fumes alone are noxious. The Chinese will use it on a temporary basis as a medicine, because it guides other herbs to the extremities. However, when it is used regularly to calm anxiety, chest muscles relax and the heart can benefit, but the rest of the body has to deal with the poison, while natural methods of initiating calmness are not explored.

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Disgust – an intuitive reaction

Disgust has long been recognised as an emotion which evolved to help our ancestors avoid infection, but now researchers have been able to show the human disgust system is likely to be structured around the people, practices and objects that pose disease risk. 

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The price of eating constantly to lose weight

Here's another article telling readers to eat small amounts of food every two hours all day long, every day, in order to lose weight "naturally." There's nothing natural about eating all day. However, sometimes it works, because food acts as a sedative for uncomfortable emotions that would otherwise get stuffed down with gross overeating. Constant feeding "takes the edge off."

Nutritionists are paid to fill our heads with pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo. Here's how it typically goes:  “Eat every two hours. It keeps the metabolism high and ensures steady energy levels. You should also not skip meals. Large gaps leave the body in starvation mode, lowering the BMR and hindering fat loss."

Here are the drawbacks:

1. Natural methods of attaining peace of mind are not explored.

2. The constant demand for insulin eventually exhausts the pancreas, causing the modern epidemic of adult-onset diabetes 1.

3. The body's cells are choked with food and never have a chance to "take out the garbage," leading to all kinds of serious problems down the line.

4. The eating of food diverts the body's energy away from the brain and muscles into the digestive organs, robbing us of pep during the day.

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