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Exercise regenerates the heart muscle

Resistance training (weights) thickens and strengthens the heart muscle, due to the accelerated generation of heart stem cells. Endurance training enlarges the chambers, making the heart a more efficient pumping machine.

Now researchers are cautiously recommending that heart attack survivors engage in exercise for their recovery.  Remember to take it easy at first and always trust the messages coming from the body.

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Mythological causes of cancer

 Researchers at University College London (UCL) and the University of Leeds surveyed 1,330 people in England and found that more than 40% thought that stress is a factor, which the scientists disagree with. The same amount believe that food additives cause cancer. A third believe that electromagnetic frequencies and eating GM food were risk factors, while 19% thought microwave ovens and 15% said drinking from plastic bottles cause cancer.

All of this confusion is the result of the fact that researchers can't figure out WHY cancer occurs. Too often they confuse "why" with "how."

A tumor = stagnation of material, which gets hung up when 

  • there's too much material to begin with (excess body fat)
  • circulation is poor due to muscular tightening (anxiety), and/or
  • the body is poisoned (cigarette smoke).

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Chronic inflammation and frailty

Researchers found a statistical correlation between mid-life inflammatory disorders and mental/physical frailty later on.

The constant barrage of excess internal heat burns out the body/mind's defenses. A life of hurrying and worrying comes at a heavy price.

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Kids' life-threatening allergies on the rise

It's not only adults who suffer from excess heat conditions. Children of hyperactive parents pick up the same unhealthy mental and physical patterns of excess yang, some of which are downright dangerous. Yes there might be a genetic potentiality for serious allergies, but their full expression is usually the result of the worrying and hurrying lifestyle expected of us in our modern world.

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Yoga for 3rd graders

Participating in yoga and mindfulness activities at school helps third-graders exhibiting anxiety improve their well-being and emotional health. 

However, children's anxiety is always a family  problem. It's the chaotic home situation that must change in order to obtain lasting results.

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Brain implants in our future

For the first time, scientists at Caltech, Pasadena have induced natural sensations in the arm of a paralyzed man by stimulating the region of the brain pictured at right with a tiny array of electrodes.

Reverse engineering of the human brain continues at breakneck speed. How would you like someday to access the internet with a simple mental switch? Communicate telepathically? Recall every one of your memories? Know every fact and opinion that has ever been known?

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Hunger vs. appetite

Hunger is an empty feeling in the stomach area that motivates and enables you to venture into the wilderness and WORK to secure food. It is a very healthy indication that your digestion is strong, your mind is sharp, your energy is high, that your physical and emotional feelings are intense, and that your body fat & internal garbage are minimal.

Appetite is the desire to eat food. It is routinely confused by "scientists" and science writers with actual hunger.

Eating without hunger is a powerful contributor to chronic inflammation and the laundry list of disorders that result, regardless of which foods are eaten.

Everyone has an appetite. Few are lucky enough to experience the life-affirming sensation of hunger.