Let me help you. . .

Transform who you are,

not just what you look like.

Trust yourself before anyone or anything else.

Self-trust generates self-esteem and self-reliance.

Trust all your emotions and feelings.

Your body sends you these messages for your own benefit.

Move food off center-stage,

over to the side-lines where it belongs.  Eat to live, not live to eat.

Leave behind you forever

dieting, weight-loss supplements, calorie-burning exercises, cleansing fasts, willpower, and guilt.

BodyTrust Beginnings

Our bodies already know how to get lean and healthy, and stay that way.

E Douglas Kihn, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, discovered this startling fact more than two decades ago.

He was eating lunch one day, and he noticed he wasn't hungry.

When he thought about it, he realized that he hadn't felt hunger in a very long time.  He questioned why he was eating at all.  That day he began his quest to find out why people eat and why people get fat.

By rejecting all the nutritional mumbo-jumbo swirling around in his brain and just trusting his eating instincts - the knowledge he was born with - Dr. Kihn lost 40 pounds of unhealthy weight and eliminated several chronic health problems as well.  Since then, he has helped hundreds of patients, students, and friends to reduce or eliminate the worrying, hurrying, and overeating that had made then sick, tired, and overweight.

Dr. Kihn has distilled this knowledge

into private one-hour sessions with you and for you.  The message is simple but learning it is challenging, considering how we are all bombarded day and night with advertising and media propaganda that seek to turn us in the opposite direction - that of dependence on outside authority for the solutions to all problems.

The habit of listening to oneself naturally leads to self-trust because the body is never wrong about its needs.  Self-trust generates self-esteem and self-reliance, and before we know it, we have been transformed into individuals who are 


Just like peeling an onion

The more weight lost,

the greater the challenge.

The inside is more pungent

than the outside.

As each "layer" is peeled away,

physical problems and uncomfortable emotions are exposed that must be honored and addressed.

The eating of food combined with swollen fat cells

induce the body to secrete powerful chemicals that suffocate feelings of discomfort.

This is why fat loss must be gradual,

connecting mind and body so that excess body fat does not return.

BodyTrust is nature's method

of changing us in fundamental ways.